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Frequently Asked Questions

When do classes begin? Is there a specific start date?

Courses at Charleston School of Interior Design are designed for a student to jump in at any give time during a calendar year. You will always begin with Design I which is exclusively online. Depending on the time of year you begin, we will personally design a schedule for you to pick up the in-person courses.

How do the online courses work?

The online courses are designed to be self-paced. All the PowerPoints, lectures, and handouts, assignments are uploaded to the Learning Management System. Once you register for a course you will login with the user information emailed to you and begin the course. You can rewatch any sessions for further clarification or if you missed something. There is no time restriction for the online courses unless you are required to complete a course prior to taking Design III.

Is there any financial aid provided?

CSID does not offer Financial Aid. However, there is an incentive to sign up for the full program to save approximately $300.00. From time to time we have students that have received educational grants and we are able to accept grants.

Are students able to deduct classes on their taxes?

That is a question for your accountant.

What order should we take the courses?

Depending on the time of year a student jumps in will depend on the course order. Every student should begin with Design I. From there you will take Materials Presentation, Design II, Kitchen and Bath, Window Treatments, Hand Drafting, Design III, Business of Design and SketchUP. The only two courses not required before Design III would be Business and SketchUp. We will help set a path forward for you once you register.

Do I have to take the full program?

No, we have many students who take a course or two for personal enrichment. It is not a requirement to take all nine courses.

What supplies are required in addition to the tuition?

You will be responsible to purchase drafting supplies for the Intro to Hand Drafting course. For a list of those materials please reach out to the school. Materials Presentation, Design II, Design III are project courses where you will need supplies for design boards. The book is a great resource, however if you do not purchase it we can always share a copy of our book in the classroom with you. SketchUp offers a free 30-day trial for the software. You are not required to purchase the program unless you choose to do so.

What type of certificate do we receive at the end?

After the successful completion of each course, you will receive a certificate. After the nine courses are successfully completed a student will receive an overall graduation certificate with his/her own CSID number. A number is exclusively given to each graduate and may be used on resumes, business correspondences and business cards.

How long does it take to complete the program?

It takes approximately one year to complete all nine courses. Contact us and we will help set a path forward for your success.